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A Tool to help you achieve your goals

How would you like to learn about a tool to help you achieve your goals and dreams faster and easier than you imagined possible?

Vision Boards

Vision boards are a practical tool to assist you to alter the way you experience success.

Search the net for on-line Vision Boards.

We had a link in this post, however, it appears the domain no longer exists and the link redirected viewers unfortunately to unsavoury sites/visions.

We have now deleted those links from this post.

So, make sure you google  on-line Vision Board.

Create Your Vision Board

Alternatively, you can create your Vision Board easily without downloading any software!

In fact, create as many as you like!

Feature ideas for your Vision Board  may include:

  • Photos
  • Images from magazines
  • Inspirational messages and affirmations

For computer generated or online Vision Boards you may think of adding the following to the above already listed features:

  • Photograph the vision board
  • Flash movie or Power Point if you are creating a virtual vision board
  • Music to play when you view your Vision Board (upload your own MP3 music)

Photograph or scan your vision board and upload it onto your computer. You may like to place it on your desktop as a screen saver so it is in your awareness.

Some people work on the philosophy of completing their vision board then putting it away and forgetting about it.

Personally my experience has been a combination of both. That is, create my vision boards, yes, more than one. Shall explain in a minute. Infuse the board.

Infuse your Vision Board

What you need to do is infuse your vision board with energy.

Emotional energy is the key element to manifestation and likewise to non-manifestation.

By inserting a myriad of senses into the creation of your vision board ie pictures, sound, texture, scent, taste (salivary glands salivate with the thought or memory of certain food dishes for example) you can engage greater emotional charge.

Even the outward verbalisation of words such as affirmations and mantras infuse vision with energy/emotional charge as too does aromatic association.

Company Vision Boards

Now instead of thinking this is woo-hoo, I want you to consider the vision of companies and the work of marketing agencies.

Let’s say an architect has designed a property development. The best way to convey and deliver the design, aesthetics and functional concepts of the development is through vision and the construction of 2D plans and 3D models.

Of course we then see these projections incorporated in videos with sound and feeling conveyed through the interaction of human emotion and empathy or lifestyle desires for example.

Countless Vision Boards

As a single parent, sometimes all we have are visions in our minds eye to hold on to.

So, go ahead and make as many vision boards as you like.

Have a dream or a goal, company vision, personal aspiration, make it so through the creation of a vision board. Embed that vision in your psyche.

And much more!

See It – Believe It – you will RECEIVE IT!


Lots of Love


This post was updated on 17 May 2019 due to expired links.


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