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The Australian Government recently abolished the ability to claim education costs in for children (in tax returns) and initiated a school costs payment.

Amounts were arrived at by the powers that be (according to the number of school-aged children in your family and their ages on 8 May 2012.

For example for the financial year ending 2012 a payment of $818 was made to reimburse parents the costs associated with respect to high school aged children.

This payment was distributed as a Family Assistance payment.

CONTACT Australian Government Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs is http://www.fahcsia.gov.au/contact-fahcsia

COMPLAINTS http://www.fahcsia.gov.au/contact/feedback-compliments-complaints-and-enquiries

As per the Feedback – Compliments, Complaints and Enquiries Page below is the excerpt as at today.

2. What you can contact us about
The Complaints Management process looks into complaints from the public about FaHCSIA’s service(s), or the service of a FaHCSIA funded service provider. These complaints may be about:

unreasonable delay;
inadequate service, explanation or reasons;
legal error;
factual error in decision making process;
human error;
procedural deficiency;
discriminatory action or decision;
flawed administrative process; or
inadequate knowledge/training of staff.
unprofessional behaviour by an officer; or
breach of duty/misconduct by an officer.
fraud and compliance issues
As the purpose of the process is to assist in improving FaHCSIA’s services, issues that relate to Government policy or legislation are not dealt with as complaints but accepted as policy feedback and forwarded to the relevant program area for consideration when next that policy or legislation is reviewed. You can contact the Minister about these concerns or you can send them to fahcsiafeedback@fahcsia.gov.au

If you would like to request a review over eligibility for a benefit or entitlement, you will need to contact the relevant decision making body.


Please note

I am well aware the attached letter is not exhaustive and does not in any way address issues of the risk of increased hostility and contact conflict between parents.

These matters are a reality and I believe need to be addressed but through another avenue.

Of course your feedback on your experience and your contribution is most welcome.

In the meantime I will continue to write and advocate for the rights of the single parent where I believe I have an understanding, experience and the ability to do so.

I hope you do as well.


Lots of love



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