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Reducing Mobile Phone Bills

Taking control and keeping control of your finances is a conscious awareness and requires a determined decision.

You have to be truthful with yourself by recognising the reality of your present financial position.


Self honesty and bravery surpass intimidation and guilt any day!

DON’T beat yourself up, it’s not a crime if you can’t pay your debts because of your circumstances.



Re-frame how you word things. Your perception will change and the emotional attachment will diminish or dissolve.



This is an exercise not a punishment.


NOW … What can you afford?

#Start a list of expenses and another list for income.

Yes as simple as it sounds.

If you look over to the right side of this web page, there’s a beaut link for a #budget planner.

You can prepare a current budget and future budgets.

Why don’t you also dream a little and put in a holiday budget, and how about not just for this year or next year, what about a five year plan?


#Dream a little ๐Ÿ™‚


Getting back to basics…

If you’re in contracts that are burying you in debt, change them. Whether it’s the phone or for other goods or services. Always, always re-evaluate your position.

Reduce payments or get out as quick as you can if they’re just not working for you anymore.

Look for alternatives and CHECK EXIT FEES beforehand because you can easily get caught with penalties for early exits or terminations.

Check terminology that may be indicative of, well in other words, a warning sign, another way to impose a fee.

So talking about being caught. Hereโ€™s a short story, I hope you wonโ€™t mind if I share it, would you like to hear it?

If not then shoot down below to the next highlighted section for the TIP and if youโ€™re in no hurry then by all means, read on.

Yes, this is me on my 3G Apple iphone at the Alexandra Headlands Surf Club on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia. I was having a drink with a close friend and mate celebrating a small success.


Always celebrate success no matter what it is and praise your kids for their successes.

Reward yourself and your kids so that the impression of positivity, achievement and capability is imbedded in the neurology. This way you’ll be building on giving yourself and your kids hope, confidence and motivation.

Well should I make this long or short? Usually I end up writing essays but I’ll try and keep brief.

I had been under a plan with Optus but found myself living in an area that was known by Optus to be a black spot area.

If you telephone you’re provider they can tell you whether you are in a black spot or not and you can use that as grounds to terminate a contract.

I changed the plan to reduce costs to a minimum so that I could maintain my phone and number and continuity but… I didn’t have coverage for internet.

Unfortunately where I was living with Sam my son, at the time in temporary accommodation (another story), did not have a phone line to the property to connect via adsl…grrr it was frustrating

And once again I found “necessity is the mother of invention”๐Ÿ™‚

So I picked up a cheapie T100 Telstra phone from Woolworths and presto a modem!

This time there was no way I was entering into a contract, bearing in mind I’d already been bitten by Telstra over a USB modem…another story ๐Ÿ™‚  and YES I have many…lol

So a PRE-PAID PLAN it was.

Now this is what I did …. and it ran 3 phones!



I recharged $70.00 on the T100 Telstra mobile phone with Pre-Paid Cap Encore.

This gave me 3GB of data and approximately $1000 worth of calls as bonus. This lasts 30 days and you still have $70.00 sitting as credit on the phone.

Then I picked up a T95 Telstra Pre-Paid mobile phone for my son which he could also use as a modem and if need be, I could use his modem as well.

I transferred $10.00 per day (needs to be a Telstra to Telstra number) up to approximately $40.00 from the $70 credit from my phone to my son’s phone. This ensured that by the time it came around for Sam to have contact time with his dad he had money on his phone (eased my mind and his).

I showed Sam how to buy talk and data/browse Plus Packs and he quickly learnt the value of his money ๐Ÿ™‚ but he was also able to manage it himself while he was away.

We usually buy a $5.00 or $10.00 talk Plus Pack which gives from 10 – 25 mins talk time. This way Sam can phone me and I can ring him back because I have the majority of credit on my phone.

He buys a browse Plus Pack for $20 and it gives him 700mg.

He’s not into text messaging so we don’t worry about that but $5 will buy you 30 txt messages if you think that’s a better option for your circumstances.

You need to keep a balance of no less than $5.00 on the phone though so recharge before the month and the $5.00 rolls over.

There you go… mum’s much happier, Sam’s independent, he feels “cool” and more importantly he is learning values, feeling safe or safer knowing he can ring anybody and it gives dad a direct line to contact Sam.

EBA TIP  – strategy for maintaining focus on relationships between kids and parents

The added benefit for parents is the implementation of healthier boundaries for relationships, with calls to kids via the other parent being reduced or eliminated thereby removing some of the anxiety, angst or in some cases control issues between separated parents.



To unlock your phone frm Optus Phone contact 1300 075 395

Unlock your Apple Iphone before you change providers.

You will need to get on to Itunes and do a back up because once you change providers, should you do a FACTORY RESET as they suggest, then you will LOSE ALL your data.


I discovered if you have itunes set up on another computer or say the laptop then hook up there and you should find you’ll be able to unlock by simply plugging in. This is a just in case, it worked for me.

Iphones do not have the facility to back up onto the SIM card.

Oh, and remember, the back is not meant to come off an iphone ๐Ÿ™‚


Love and Blesses



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