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Overhaul of Family Court System

Overhaul of Family Court System

Last year it was announced the Family Court would be merged with the Federal Circuit Court on the premise of clearing backlog.

Yeah right… I’m very pessimistic to say the least.

Law Council Concerns

Leading legal representative the Law Council seem disgruntled over not being consulted. It seems there’s concern over –

  • Generalist Judges being inappropriate to deal with family court issues
  • The vulnerable being disadvantaged


  • Domestic violence being inappropriately dealt with dare I suggest to the detriment of families and children


Publication May 2018

Read the latest news publication at the link below.

May I suggest you follow tweets on the issue to remain afoot of interested parties, concerns and developments.


The “overhaul” raises quite a number of issues, not to mention the unknown quantity.

Certainly in my opinion the Family Court has needed a thorough review and clean out which I doubt is going to be achieved via the present course.

In my view where efficiency could be tightened is the internal process, legal culture and family court reporting/reporters.

I’m interested to know if and how this may come to affect Legal Aid applicants and access.

More on this topic as matters develop.

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