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Mary-Ellen has a part-time job like no other.

She works as a secretary in an auto dealership by day and although the money’s OK, she used to struggle at times, like we all do.

But since getting the part-time job, she’s been dining out in flashy restaurants, wearing expensive designer clothing, pampering herself at exclusive spas, having her hair done by a top New York stylist and has even been on a Mediterranean cruise!

I know what you’re thinking: “If she’s getting paid that much money from the part-time job, why doesn’t she quit the day job and do this full-time?”

Because she couldn’t possibly afford all the trips, clothes, hairstyles and more.


Mary-Ellen is a “Mystery Shopper”.

Companies pay her money to stay in their hotels, go on their holidays, wear their clothing and jewelry.

All Mary-Ellen does is tell the research company how well she was treated.

The research company pays Mary-Ellen MONEY for her feedback and Mary-Ellen gets to keep all of the benefits – counting thousands of dollars in free gifts and trips ever single year!

Mary-Ellen knew all about mystery shopping, but struggled to get in until she stumbled across this website:

Fancy a part-time job like Mary-Ellen?

Be sure to check this amazing resource out.


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