1. admin says:

    Thank you for sharing and expressing. Maybe in recognizing, you opened the door to bring back joy for yourself, your daughter and those around you. This you both deserve. Surely it is a difficult task to rear children and alone, even greater still. My heart and prayers are with you. Your comment does not give your story the energy or attention it deserves yet I hope you know there are people who sincerely relate. Practical issues are certainly a much greater burden alone but please do something, little as it may be, each day, to connect with each other. We as lone parents have the greatest gift, that of being able to forge the most beautiful and meaningful of relationships based on truth and love.

  2. Lt Col Rohit Srivastav says:

    life springs surprisers in most Unexpected way. I still remember the winter morning when I said to my wife life can’t be better for us and that very afternoon our life was shattered forever in a road accident. From there on me and my daughter have been picking up threads of life. We don’t have luxury in life to lament our predicament. Trudging with our heads down to finish this journey may be we have forgotten to enjoy what is left.

  3. Alissia says:

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