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How Much Can a Parent Bare?

How Much Can a Parent Bare?

How Much Can a Parent Bare?

Dianne Mead and Sam Mead lone parent family How Much Can a Parent Bare?

Poem and Photograph copyright 2009 – 2015 Dianne Mead and Sam Mead, Australia

Author Dianne Mead (Australia)

Where be the voice of reason?


Government, Bureaucrats, Legal Fraternity, Society and Certain Spouses

How Much Can a Parent Bare?

You will crucify me for not being a good mother
Judge me for not being a dedicated parent
Yet you do not afford me the time to do either

You would haul me over coals for neglecting my parenting responsibilities
Whilst your regulations and requirements leave me little choice but to leave my child alone
Cared for by strangers

It is acceptable for You to remove assistance
Leave me unable to feed for my child
To neglect my own health as their mum

You resist offering legal resource to defend myself
Refuse me assistance to protect myself and child
I combat abuse alone

You punish me, for being at the lower end of the chain, And then turn and make out you are the savior of my child

Like an ant, you trample
Like cows, you fatten and lead to slaughter
Like poultry, you heard and cage, Then feed and train with false light

I fall at your feet and beg mercy
You kick me whilst I’m down

I cry, my voice is unheard

A parent has no shame

You use technicality and outdated legislation to protect your righteous stance
You manipulate the system to conform the people
Belittle those who oppose your attempts to control out of your own fear

We be major in number

Guardians of the future

Warriors to the end

We are the rightful protectors and carers of our children

Children we bore and bred

Mothers and fathers of civilization’s coming and passed

No other duty is of higher importance

It is because of us the human race exists and compassion persists

Man nor woman, alien or curse will throw the balance of hearts destined to parent and guide with loving intent in good faith of futures bright

“Just Sayin for those who haven’t said, can’t say, won’t say, have forgotten how to speak and need assistance in standing tall”

Love and Blesses

Copyright 2012 Dianne Mead, All Rights Reserved

Romans 12:2 Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

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