Effects on U.S. Children

Although the information contained in this paper is clearly informative it grossly lacks scenarios and perspectives along with  the perception and wisdom of personal experience.

Unfortunately academic papers and studies are only as good as the questions posed by, although educated, predominantly uninformed and inexperienced persons, making results only as good as the quality of the question posed and “evidence” sought.

How can someone ask the correct questions when they know not what they are meant to be asking because they have not lived it or been affected?

In my view up until now, often the papers and research are self serving when you consider information is usually correlated by people and organisations funded to carry surveys and reports for a specific goal in mind and/or particular government in power.


This paper is grossly deficient but none the less specifies the relevance of income and how it diminishes to support the family once the male departs from the family unit. It is worth a quick read and definitely reflection on the comments that follow READ MORE… 





Search Criteria = Single Parent Families Effects on Children


Search Criteria = Single Parent



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