For Sale


Win Win

If you would like to advertise on this site, hopefully for the benefit of other single parents, we shall be happy to include your item/s for a donation of 10 percent from the proceeds of the sale. This offer is made on an honour basis with any funds to be applied in the first instance to expenses associated with running and maintaining the site, establishment of the Foundation and sister entities with any surplus to be applied to assisting those in need.

Proactive Agreement

Further, choosing to advertise and purchase through the introduction and or facilitation via this website and/or other associated entities is permitted only on the basis that you do so at your own risk, indemnify us and agree not to involve us in any litigation whatsoever.

Empower One Another

On a more empowering note, help us contribute your donation toward assisting single parents in your country.

Let us know your country and send the share link to the items being sold.