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SOURCE – Courier Mail 2-3 June 2012

Landmark reforms become effective from 7 June 2012, and an overhaul of the Domestic Violence Protection Act Queensland is expected come October…

The definition of family violence has been broadened to include psychological abuse such as arguing in front of children along with the withholding of financial support now both qualifying as violence.

Read the complete article to see the correlation between shared care parenting and family violence.

In 2006, during the Howard government, the Family Law Act changed dramatically to cater toward shared parenting reforms.

This meant a prominent swing toward favouring fathers, with court appointed family consultants recommending greater time be spent by the child in the father’s care, which has been in many instances, against the wishes of mothers, children and psychologists.

Family Lawyers and barristers used the 2006 Family Law Act changes to coerce mothers into agreeing, under duress, to Parenting Orders against their wishes and nature.

This disturbing behaviour has been somewhat encouraged by the fact that the Act also required parents to be responsible for encouraging close and continuing relationships between the child and the other parent.

The problem has been however that little regard was shown for the emotional and psychological welfare of the child with exposure to abusive and controlling behaviour not being reduced or eliminated under the 2006 reforms.

Not only have kids been at risk under the changes but so too have parents.

Both the process of negotiating parenting orders and then the shared care arrangements, after being put in place, have inflamed conflict between parents and created environments for control and abuse to continue.

Although men’s groups, as stated in the article below, have opposed the latest reforms, there is overwhelming evidence and strong professional support of child psychologists, other experts and other child protection related services and agencies, highly critical of the 2006 reforms.

In fact there are some child psychologists that refuse to consult for the purpose of court proceedings due to their opposition and because they’re lives have been threatened following the changes to laws put in place in 2006.

In some instances Australian mothers have gone underground, albeit against legal advice and the threat of being jailed for contempt of court.



Is there a correlation between increased incidents of family violence and abuse, mental and emotional trauma, depression and youth suicide with the Family Law Act Reforms of 2006? … YES?

Has poverty among single parents (predominantly mothers in Australia) and the financial disparity between biological parents been exacerbated as a result of shared care parenting? … YES?

Are the portion of entitlements for the likes of carbon tax, householders payment and family tax benefits which are now being dispersed in accordance with shared care, which is paid to the non main carer actually being applied toward the child or children? I would put to you NO!


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