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So you’ve heard it before …

¬†you can’t change anyone, you can only be responsible for yourself…

It’s true…

Although we can influence, and certainly, we do, as adults and elders, we have a profound influence on children. This is, however, greatly different to the influence we may have on partners, peers and work mates, which is highly changeable.

At the end of the day you are responsible for your reactions but in saying this how many of us recognise our reactions or behaviour are directly linked to our emotions and beliefs?

Of course this doesn’t negate the fact that people do do things to other people. Bad things, nasty things and of course kind things.

The actions of other people and the implementation of systems, rules and obligations affect our options. They impact on our way of life, our living standards, our health and sometimes even our financial position. All of these things equate to the level of happiness we derive from our existence.

Although increased access to practical and financial resources would benefit single parents and their children, their quality of life and potentional, as too does higher learning. The fact is that the body has an emotional need as strong as, if not more than, significantly in greater need than the physical aspect of our bodies.

It’s all well and good to provide training resources which is the current trend, but …


The key to moving forward, no matter which aspect of life it is, is in the ability to process emotion…

Think about it…

It’s no good leaving an abusive relationship to walk straight into another one. It’s pointless separating if you can’t move on.

Life becomes unbearable if you aren’t equipped to recognise where your sadness comes from to be able to change your emotional state.


Emotional intelligence is Highly underrated & an Essential Component (not a commodity)

This intelligence is still in the line of debate as to whether it is innately known or learned.

Nonetheless enhanced emotional intelligence has proved beneficial in all areas of life.

EBA Education is otherwise known as Emotional and Behavioural Awareness Education.

EBA focuses on raising awareness around emotion, understanding emotion, it’s relationship to behaviour, overall health and ultimately levels of emotional intelligence.


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