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What a wonderful concept.

the Helping Women in Debt Program

U.S. Ladies be sure to check this out!

Share it with other women and mums in your family, social and professional networks.


Whether this program is right for you or not, the concept is truly too long coming to fruition.

Read up and gather information, the more info you have the better armed you will be.


What I’d like to see is the financial institutions tailoring programs including financial products such as bank accounts, loans and credit cards, specifically for mothers and single parents.

Earlier this year I wrote to one of the Australian banks, sent out a Facebook Post and I do believe Twitter Tweet insofar as collaborating with financial institutions/reps to get this initiative off the ground. Unfortunately to this point nothing has eventuated.

WAKE UP AUSTRALIA, and THE WORLD… let’s get with the times


Surely it could be argued that the public have been limited by the corporations and organisations that have to this point provided limited solutions and relief designed with the financial provider/s interests in mind. Documents drafted by said financial institutions/providers that would contractually be arguable on the grounds of  favouritism and advantage.


Should you partake in the Helping Women in Debt Program write and share your your feedback with other women.


If you are a financial institution or representative thereof, interested in furthering my ideas re tailored products for women and single parents, I look forward to hearing from you.





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